Physical preparation. Psychological preparation.

Technical preparation.

Development of a monologue.

Development of a dialogue.

Charisma techniques.

Awareness training.

Memory training.

Introduction to the history of European theatre.

Theatre acting.

Lee Strasberg Method.

Film acting.

In front of and behind the camera.

Phonetics and elocution.


Basic course for filmacting and theatre acting


Advanced workshop for filmacting and theatre acting


Lessons and courses

Stage presence.

The art of improvisation.

The power of pauses.

Silent play.


Opinions about Michele´s lessons

"With calmness and strength Michele guides you through your process until you lose your insecurity at the end. He shows you the way to the special abilities that are inside of you. I am very grateful for this unique encounter."

- Roberto Martellotta

"In his courses, Michele manages to bring out the innermost, the individual strength of each person. It is a healing process that is triggered by him. I have experienced him as incredibly powerful in individual work. His students were reborn afterwards: Free of frills... No adopted idiosyncrasies... Totally in tune with themselves!

- Kristina Prepoutsidis

"Michele was open to my crazy plan and went full throttle. We pursued a big goal in a short time and he was there for me: strict, demanding and motivating.... He's just a cool guy. I learned through him: to trust myself, to believe in myself and to be determined."

- Hannah Panagiotidis